Current Initiatives


Focus on City Initiatives

The Commission has been closely following a number of City initiatives currently underway, including:

1. Community Planning: Community plans under development for Grandview Woodland, Marpole and West End neighbourhoods (City web page)

2. Heritage Amenity Density Policy: review of the policy in view of the density accumulated in the heritage density bank since 2008 (City web page)

3. Sign By-law: review of the by-law to address issues raised by new technologies and emerging practices (City web page)

4. Eastern Core/Viaducts: planning process for the Eastern Core/False Creek Flats industrial area and the area to be affected by teh proposed removal of the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts (City web page)

5. Healthy City Strategy: intended to set goals and targets in priority areas including early care and learning, healthy housing options, and active living, and to address the social dimension of sustainability (City web page)


Commission Focus Areas

City-wide Planning: The relationship between city-wide planning and neighbourhood plans, along with the idea of a city-wide physical plan, has been a recurring theme in discussions about planning a sustainable future for the city. The Regional Context Statement, which was prepared and adopted by the City in 2012 to demonstrate the compliance of its policies and plans with the 2011 Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy, has provided a relevant current context for renewed consideration of the potential benefits of a city-wide plan.


Commission Comments to Council

The Commission recently submitted public comments to Council on the following topics:

1. Regional Context Statement:

2. Downtown Viaducts: Removal and Area Planning:

3. Community Plans: Next Steps - Timelines:


For more information about the Commission's current work:

Please consult the Agendas and Minutes for Commission meetings, online at the City’s website.

Updated November 1, 2013